VF Validierung

WAX Code of Conduct

Our Values

Independence is more than just a value - it's a critical principle in decentralized systems. As one party of many, we add to the security of the networks we participate in. VF Validierung is equally owned by its two founders and there are no intentions to sell any shares.

Reliability is about consistency and dependability in our validation services. It means we deliver on our commitments and ensure uninterrupted service to maintain the smooth functioning of the blockchain networks we serve, as well as us and our nominators to get reliable returns.

Authenticity underpins our approach to communication and operation. We pride ourselves on being straight-talking IT professionals who prefer directness over marketing jargon. Our authenticity lies in our straightforwardness and our commitment to being genuine, accountable, and transparent in all our dealings within the blockchain community.


We strictly adhere to German laws, respect the regulations of countries hosting our servers, and follow the rules of the blockchain networks we participate in. We stay informed of regulatory changes and adapt our operations accordingly.